Competent Health and Safety Services

CSAFE supports businesses throughout the UK with a wide range of health and safety services.
Our aim is to assist your organisation in achieving control of your safety costs and complying with all your legal obligations.

Health and safety often receives a negative press and is something that many organisations consider an afterthought. We are determined to portray the industry in a good light and provide a service that makes health and safety easy to manage and will allow you to demonstrate to your clients that health and safety is seen as a priority within your organisation.

Many of our competitors charge an annual fee simply to act as your H&S representative, whereas CSAFE only charge for services we provide and that you require. Part of our ethos is to provide exceptional quality for outstanding value.

If you require assistance in managing your health and safety or would like to some sensible advice from a team of professional and approachable consultants please get in touch.