Construction Safety Services

No Matter where you sit on the construction ladder CSAFE are keen to assist you. We work with everyone from sole traders to multi-million pound Contractors, but regardless who or how big you are our service is easy to access and great value.

With our assistance and expertise you can soon make your organisation not only compliant with Health and Safety legislation but attractive/ appealing to companies when tendering for new contracts.


What Could We Do For You?
We provide a range of Health and Safety services but no fixed packages. This is because we know that you are like no other company we work with and we want to provide you with the unique service you deserve and necessitate.


We Can:


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Site Inspections & Audits
Site inspections and audits are a excellent way to identify risks that sometimes go un-noticed.

Although your site management are aware of the risks on site, we hear from our clients that the hazards on site are perceived differently by different people because they are on site every day.

This is why our clients welcome our site inspections as part of their entire management process. It gives the site team the satisfaction that an external organisation will bring to their attention things that they may have taken for granted or overlooked.


Site Inspection Innovation
Mobile Tablet Inspections Delivered On Site
Our innovative site inspections are fully customised to your business needs.

We have devised an audit system which allows you to be weighted, scored and specific for the needs of your site.

You can choose your own parameters and KPI’s – In fact you can set the standards you expect, the equipment you accept and who receives which actions.

Once on site we undertake the audit raising any hazards with photo evidence to you immediately so there is no time delay in getting issues resolved.

Dont miss the opportunity to take up our site inspection service and see exactly what this innovative method can do for you.


During the course of every minute of every day, every single one of us is carrying out risk assessments on nearly everything we do. We may not record them in writing, but whether it is boiling the kettle or crossing the road the human brain is constantly assessing hazards and the potential harm they may cause.

It therefore makes sense that we should be risk assessing the safety of our employees at work and hazardous substances or situations we come into contact with.

Our risk assessments will help you to identify and focus on the risks that matter most in your workplace the ones that have the potential to cause harm or serious injury.

CSAFE will act as the competent persons that undertake your risk assessments, working with you to identify the hazards and evaluate the risks associated with your working environment. We will compile the necessary risk assessments and provide you with information and instruction as to how to review and update these assessments in the future.


Method Statements
The best person to write a method statement is often the person/s that will be undertaking the work activity; however this is not always possible without support and guidance. This is where CSAFE can help, we can provide you with a template and support your staff when they are writing their practical safe systems of work which reduce the risk of accidents by outlining how to carry out work activities safely.

The method statement is a live document so will need to be updated as you progress through your programme.

By undertaking regular reviews you can make sure that it remains fit for purpose and specific to your site.


We can help by undertaking a number of services:


Whatever industry you work in or whatever your trade we will work with you to enable you to write relevant and practical method statements and assist you in implementing them through your organisation or work practice.