Office Safety

Offices and Businesses
The office is seen by many people as an environment that doesn’t carry potentially hazardous situations, not when you compare it to a construction site. However as an employer and employee you have legal responsibilities for the office health and safety of everyone affected by the business.

Occupational injuries are common-place in the office working environment and employees must be protected against hazards that without proper management can often go undetected and prove costly to organisations and individuals in the long run.

CSAFE can provide the expertise to have all the correct paperwork in place i.e. Risk Assessments, Policies etc. but more importantly we can set your organisation up to manage office safety effectively and reduce the hazards that people come into contact with on a daily basis.

We understand that time spent in the office can be precious and deadlines must be met and therefore sometimes things get overlooked. You can’t afford to let this happen in any elements of your business if you want to be a success and we won’t let it happen in terms of Health and Safety.

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